Safee Driver KPIs: Redefining Fleet Management

Safee Driver KPIs: Redefining Fleet Management

Safee Driver KPIs: Redefining Fleet Management 1920 1080 Safee

Safee Driver KPIs: Redefining Fleet Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of fleet management, the role of key performance indicators (KPIs) is critical. Safee is taking the lead in this area, offering a suite of features that redefine how fleet managers perceive, analyze, and improve their operations. 

Driver KPIs at the core 

Understanding and managing driver performance is the beating heart of efficient fleet management. KPIs act as a compass, and having a clear view of driver behavior, vehicle performance, and compliance is essential. They provide a roadmap for improving routes, enhancing fuel efficiency, and ensuring that the fleet is moving in sync with operational goals. 

For fleet managers and decision-makers, driver assessment is of paramount importance. It serves as a proactive strategy to ensure that fleet drivers have the essential skills for safe and efficient operation. This not only mitigates risks, but also allows for targeted resource allocation and the precise targeting of training efforts when needed. This process underscores the commitment to driver safety and enhances the overall effectiveness of fleet operations. Additionally, fleet managers can leverage assessment results to assign challenging transportation tasks to drivers with the highest ratings. This strategic alignment ensures that drivers with proven proficiency and skills in specific areas are assigned tasks that are commensurate with their experience. 

Enhancing safety 

Road safety is non-negotiable. From route planning to resource allocation, every decision is supported by data-driven insights, which ensures that the fleet is operating at its peak. This empowers fleet managers to reinforce safety protocols, identify hazardous patterns, and proactively address potential issues before they escalate. 

Driver assessment 

Driver assessment is a fundamental and comprehensive evaluation designed to measure an individual’s capabilities and challenges related to safe driving. Tailored testing procedures ensure suitability for specific circumstances, whether it’s for assessing an older driver, a beginner, or someone who needs more training. 

A customized assessment processes 

The assessment process is complex and varies based on the individual’s unique situation. For example, the driver aging assessment takes into account different factors than those of a novice driver. Those who need vehicle modifications undergo a distinct assessment that includes vehicle selection and necessary modifications. 

Results and recommendations 

Upon completion of the driver assessment, a detailed report is generated. This report includes a set of recommendations, such as guidance on license or permit status, skill development plans for specific areas of deficiency, referrals to specialized team members, preliminary prescriptions for vehicle modifications, or suggestions for behind-the-wheel training programs. 

A New Standard for Fleet Management with Safee 

Safee’s driver KPIs are revolutionizing the way fleet managers understand and use driver performance data. With unmatched customization, versatile reporting, and user-driven flexibility, Safee’s KPIs provide a comprehensive and actionable view of your fleet’s performance. 

Unmatched customization 

Safee’s KPIs are designed to be flexible and adaptable to meet the unique needs of any fleet. With a wide range of input options, you can customize your report to focus on the metrics that matter most to your operations. You can also easily combine results from different parameters to create a custom performance dashboard that is easy to share and understand. 

Versatile reporting 

Safee’s KPIs provide a comprehensive view of your fleet’s performance across drivers, vehicles, groups, and levels. You can easily drill down into specific areas of interest to gain insights that are relevant to your operational goals. 

User-driven flexibility 

Safee understands that no two fleets are the same. That’s why you can calculate multiple scores or formulas at the same time, and you can set an unlimited number of scores. Safee’s report also covers more than 50 violations, going beyond basic infractions. It includes factors related to video services such as fatigue alerts and distance traveled, providing a comprehensive understanding of driver behavior. 

Unique video service insights 

What really sets Safee’s report apart is its unique integration of violations that occur in the video service realm. It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about seeing the story unfold, from fatigue alerts to long-distance driving alerts. 

Color-coded visibility 

Safee’s KPI report takes user-driven flexibility to the next level by providing a color-coded system (red, yellow, green) based on results that you define. It’s not just about the data; it’s about the instant visual recognition that makes it easy to make quick decisions. 

In addition, this advanced coloring mechanism that allows users to customize boundaries and visually represent drivers based on their KPIs. This unique feature distinguishes Safee from other platforms, ensuring a dynamic, user-centric approach to driver KPI management. 

With Safee’s driver KPIs, you can take your fleet management to the next level. Safee’s KPIs provide a comprehensive and actionable view of your fleet’s performance that you can use to improve safety, efficiency, and compliance. 

Safee is the Key to a Safer, More Efficient Fleet 

Fleet managers know that driver performance is critical to the overall success of their operations. By tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), managers can identify and address potential safety risks, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance. 

Safee gives you extreme flexibility to choose one of them separately, some of them, or all of them, knowing that there are more than 50 factors that you can choose between. 

Therefore, you are the one who decides to choose what you want to know and obtain from reports and indicators that are useful in measuring the driver’s performance 

So, here are some KPI examples, but not limited to: 

  • Speeding: Tracking speeding incidents can help to prevent accidents and improve fuel efficiency. 
  • Hard braking and acceleration: Identifying and training drivers to reduce hard braking and acceleration can improve safety and vehicle longevity. 
  • Collisions: Analyzing collision data can help to understand the root causes of accidents and implement preventive measures. 
  • Fuel economy: Monitoring fuel consumption and improving driver behavior can help to improve fuel efficiency. 
  • Empty miles: Monitoring instances where vehicles are operating without a load can help to reduce fuel waste and operating costs. 
  • Driving hours and violations: Ensuring compliance with driver hours regulations can help to prevent fatigue-related accidents. 
  • Fleet asset utilization: Maximizing fleet efficiency by analyzing factors such as vehicle capacity, stop duration, and travel time. 
  • Engine idle time: Tracking engine idle time can help to reduce fuel consumption and unnecessary emissions. 
  • Vehicle maintenance: Analyzing the time vehicles are out of service for maintenance can help to improve maintenance schedules and reduce downtime. 
  • On-time delivery rate: Evaluating compliance with delivery schedules can help to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. 
  • Driver fatigue: Monitoring behaviors associated with driver fatigue can help to prevent accidents and ensure safety. 
  • Cost per trip or cost per mile: Tracking and analyzing the costs associated with each trip or each mile traveled can help to improve profitability and efficiency. 


By tracking the right KPIs, fleet managers can gain valuable insights that can help them to improve the safety, efficiency, and compliance of their fleets. Safee offers a comprehensive set of KPIs that can be customized to meet the unique needs of any fleet. 

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