Supply chain logistics in the age of GPS vehicle tracking solutions

Supply chain logistics in the age of GPS vehicle tracking solutions

Supply chain logistics in the age of GPS vehicle tracking solutions 2326 1795 Safee

Supply chain logistics in the age of GPS vehicle tracking solutions

What is the supply chain?
The supply chain is a set of entities, resources and procedures that define the relationship between the company and the suppliers to achieve the ultimate goal of manufacturing the products and distribute them to the customers.

Developing and optimizing the supply chains are so essential parts of the businesses to keep costs under control and to be able to accelerate production cycles, especially in hugely competitive markets.
Generally, supply chain entities include:

• Producers & manufacturers
• Warehouses
• Transportations & logistics
• Distribution companies
• Retailers

Detailed view across the entire business

For the operators of supply chains, making sure they are up to date about every single detail of their logistics and assets is so crucial for the performance to be optimized efficiently and the operations to run smoothly and seamlessly.

Establishing a robust supply chain is not an easy process at all. The management of large volume of mobile assets to deliver products and services to the final customers can make issues at any level of the entire operation.

To provide better services, there is a big necessity to obtain more information about the stages and operations of the supply chain, and here the key role of GPS tracking solutions emerges.

Manage better and reduce costs effectively!

Keeping logistical expenses under control is one of the major issues that face supply chains nowadays. Supply chains of large corporations might consist of thousands of vehicles and assets. The expenses needed to run such a big number of vehicles can increase quickly and have an enormous impact on the finance of the entire business.

With the suitable implementation of GPS tracking systems, fleet managers and business owners will gain access to several tools to control fuel usage more effectively across their entire fleet and through all supply chain levels.

Highly effective fuel consumption

After the installation of the right GPS tracking devices across the whole fleet, managers will obtain big amounts of critical information about the multiple activities of every worker and every vehicle in the field.

Because of that, fleet managers can determine exactly the identities of the drivers who cause consuming larger than normal levels of fuel, so business owners can organize training programs to coach the drivers about better driving behaviors.

In-vehicles alarming systems are another tool by which vehicle tracking solutions can help to control irresponsible fuel consumption. These systems notify drivers instantly about speeding, harsh braking, and idling.

Absolutely, for the whole commercial fleets and across the entire year, this can lead to big savings for the business and offers a huge opportunity to reinvest those savings in other sectors of the supply chain.

Accurate delivery…

One of the most severe issues for the companies operating supply chains are missing shipments. Fortunately, to mitigate this issue there are tracking systems to monitor moving parts using QR codes, barcodes, or RFID codes, combined with GPS vehicle tracking solutions.

Route optimization!

Make sure that your drivers are taking the most time-efficient and fuel-efficient routes between locations, by benefitting from big capabilities of GPS vehicle monitoring solutions which show to you accurately the live positions of the vehicles across the entire supply chain.

With cloud vehicle tracking services, you can fix immediately the serious issue of the late deliveries. Additionally, fleet managers will be able to establish a bank of possible routes that avoid common traffic congestions.

Route optimization is so beneficial for the operator of the supply chain as vehicles arrive faster to the customers, increasing the volume of delivered shipments per day, boosting the profits, and expanding customers’ satisfaction.

Greater visibility for higher profitability…

Absolutely, for the operators of supply chains, the installation of an integrated GPS vehicle tracking solution will be hugely beneficial in multiple significant areas of the business.

With the help from advanced cloud fleet management solutions, managers will be provided with complete visibility about how their fleets operate, so they will be able to achieve bigger financial savings that empower their long-term investments.

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