The Powerful Notifications System of Safee Platform

The Powerful Notifications System of Safee Platform

The Powerful Notifications System of Safee Platform 1024 1024 Safee

The Powerful Notifications System of Safee Platform

Notifications System: Embark on a journey through the dynamic landscape of Safee’s cutting-edge technology tracking system that unlocks the power of alarms and notifications for fully optimized fleet management operations. Today, we delve into the realm of this vital system, where we uncover its vital role in transforming your operations.

From a rich pool of information that seamlessly merges into a framework of diverse alarm conditions and alerting sources, we shed light on the path to efficient resource allocation, proactive maintenance planning, and seamless communication. Together, let’s unlock the hidden potential of alarm conditions and notifications in Safee, opening up a world of possibilities for your fleet management aspirations.

Main Notifications System Sources

  • Alarms Records
    Triggered from two sources:

    • Alarm conditions (aspects and parameters on the platform itself)
    • Events (alerts coming directly from the devices installed in the vehicles)
  • Maintenance Tasks
  • Expiries Explorer (that includes devices, vehicles, drivers, … etc)

Alarms Records In The Notifications System:

Alarms serve as valuable indicators of potential issues and events within the fleet. Safee platform offers a robust Alarms Records system that captures alerts triggered from two primary sources:

    1. Alarm Conditions:

      The platform’s alarm conditions allow fleet managers to set specific aspects and parameters that act as triggers. These conditions are configured within the platform itself and can be customized to align with the unique needs of each business or operational purpose.Alarm conditions cover various aspects of the fleet’s activities, such as:

        Geofence Entry and Exit   Stops Outside geofence
        Path Condition   Overspeed On Road
        Speed Inside a Geofence   Ignition Alarm Condition
        Distance within a Geofence   RPM Limit
        Time Inside a Geofence   Engine Temperature Limit
        Idle Time Condition   SOS
        Temperature Inside Geofence   Driver seatbelt
        Temperature Outside Geofence   Passenger seatbelt
        Drifting   SP-2000
        Out Of Working Hours   SP-2000 Overspeed
        Stops Inside Geofences   Excessive driving workload
        Driver excessive continuous driving   Liquid Empty
        Excessive driving distance   Liquid Excessive Load
        Distance Out Working Places & Hours   4WD
        Load Weight Limit   Loading
        Temperature Range   offloading
        Humidity Range   Fuel Fill
        Liquid Fill   Fuel Theft
        Driver Excessive Accumulative Driving   Event-Based


At Safee, we understand that fleet management needs may change over time, requiring adjustments to alarm conditions. That’s why we provide an edit option within our alarm system. This feature allows fleet managers to modify and fine-tune alarm settings to align with evolving business requirements.

  1. Events:

    In addition to alarm conditions, events originating directly from devices installed in vehicles provide real-time alerts. These events capture critical information and promptly notify fleet managers of any anomalies or incidents, enabling swift response and mitigation, these events include:

      Backdoor opened while driving   External power disconnected
      Backup battery low   External power restored
      Backup battery power restored   External voltage changed
      Battery power restored   External voltage high
      Configuration updated   External voltage low
      Cooling unit switch off   Firmware upgraded
      Crash detected   Geofence speed alert
      ECO idling time   GPS jamming
      ECO overspeed   GPS quality lost
      External battery failed   Hard acceleration
      External power alarm   Hard brake
      Idling   Hard cornering
      Idling started   Harsh behavior
      Ignition off   Motion detected
      Ignition on   Overspeed
      Immobilization disabled   Panic button alarm
      Immobilization enabled   Seatbelt Disconnected
      Internal battery low   SOS
      Internal battery very low   TACHO overspeed
      Low battery   Tow detected
      Main power low   Unit high temperature
      Very high speed


Maintenance Tasks In The Notifications System:

Efficient fleet management relies on a well-structured maintenance plan. Safee platform simplifies and streamlines maintenance tasks, ensuring optimal fleet performance. Fleet managers can access comprehensive maintenance notifications, allowing them to track and manage maintenance schedules effectively. By proactively monitoring maintenance activities, managers can take necessary actions, ensuring timely interventions and minimizing downtime. This proactive approach enhances fleet efficiency and prolongs the lifespan of vehicles and equipment.

Expiries Explorer:

Safee’s Expiries Explorer feature represents a highly effective solution for managing expirations related to different fleet assets like devices, vehicles, drivers, and more. This feature offers a centralized and comprehensive overview of upcoming expiration dates, encompassing licenses, permits, certifications, and inspections. By serving as a proactive reminder system, it empowers fleet managers to prioritize tasks, proactively plan renewals, and uphold compliance with legal and safety requirements.

Through the output of Expiries Explorer and its administrative alarms, fleet managers receive timely notifications and alerts to stay ahead of critical expiration dates, mitigate risks associated with non-compliance, and maintain smooth operations.

  Account expired   Vehicle international insurance expired
  Account Suspended   Vehicle license expired
  Device warranty expired   Vehicle local insurance expired
  Driving license expired   Vehicle subscription expired
  Driver health insurance expired    Vehicle warranty expired
  Driver residence permit expired   Driver retired

Administrative Alarm Types In The Notifications System

The administrative alarm types encompass various aspects of fleet management operations, this feature offers a centralized and comprehensive overview of upcoming expiration dates, encompassing licenses, permits, certifications, and inspections. By serving as a proactive reminder system, it empowers fleet managers to prioritize tasks, proactively plan renewals, and uphold compliance with legal and safety requirements.

Safee’s edit option in the administrative alarms feature provides fleet managers with a powerful tool to refine and customize their alarm settings. With this feature, fleet managers have the freedom to make precise adjustments to alarm triggers and notification channels, guaranteeing that the notification system remains perfectly aligned with the unique requirements.

Generating Customized Alarms In The Notifications System

Generating a specific alarm tailored to your unique requirements is a straightforward process within our advanced alarm management system. To trigger or generate a customized alarm and receive notifications of a specific type, users can take advantage of our user-friendly alarm-based notification generator. This intuitive tool, guided by an easy-to-follow wizard, allows you to configure the desired alarm conditions and set the parameters that will initiate the notifications. Let’s explore the step-by-step process to generate your customized alarm:

  1. Access the alarm page within the system and locate the ‘Add alarm-based notification generator’ option.
  2. Name the alarm with a meaningful and easily identifiable name, ensuring ease of reference and clarity.
  3. Choose the alarm types that best align with your desired notification triggers. You can select and combine various triggers to meet your specific alarm criteria.
  4. Determine the appropriate level at which the alarm condition should apply within your company’s organizational tree. This can range from the company root, specific sites, categories, or even individual vehicle. You have the flexibility to apply the condition at any desired combination of levels.
  5. Add notifications receivers from user accounts on the platform. Administrators can add multiple user accounts and associate them with different notification channels, according to operating preferences.
  6. Finally, the last step serves as the crucial confirmation and validation of the preceding steps taken. This ensures the accuracy and effectiveness of the configured alarm, providing peace of mind to users that the alarm system is aligned with their specific requirements.
    Similar to the administrative alarms, the alarm-based notification generator in Safee’s platform also provides an edit option for enhanced customization and flexibility.

    With the Edit option, you have the freedom to refine and modify the existing alarms according to evolving needs or changing circumstances. This feature allows making adjustments to alarm triggers, levels, and notification channels, ensuring that the notifications system remains aligned with the specific requirements.

Comprehensive Notifications Explorer, Read vs. Unread Classification

In managing the flow of information, prioritizing actions, and maintaining effective communication, the read vs. unread classification of notifications plays a crucial role. Safee platform includes this feature to help in better organizing and tracking the notifications. This intuitive explorer provides a centralized hub where all notifications are organized, allowing users to easily navigate and access their information. Whether it’s alarms triggered from alarm conditions, events from vehicle devices, maintenance notifications, or administrative alerts, the Comprehensive Notifications Explorer offers a holistic view of all notifications, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.

Unsubscribe Feature

At Safee company, we value the privacy and preferences of our valued recipients. That’s why we have implemented an unsubscribe feature as part of our email communication strategy. We understand that individuals have diverse preferences when it comes to their inboxes, and we believe in empowering our recipients to choose the content they wish to receive from us. We are committed to building trust and maintaining a strong relationship, and our unsubscribe feature is one of the ways we uphold these principles.

Safee’s Notifications System Revolutionizes Fleet Management

By seamlessly integrating alarm conditions, event alerts, maintenance tasks, and expiries management, our alarms and notifications system enables fleet managers to optimize resource allocation, enhance proactive maintenance planning, and facilitate seamless communication. With customizable alarm settings, a comprehensive notifications explorer, and the read vs. unread classification, Safee empowers users to prioritize actions, stay informed, and efficiently manage the flow of information. At Safee, we value your trust, and we are dedicated to maintaining a strong connection between us. Our commitment to transparency is the foundation of the sender-recipient relationship within our notifications system.

Experience the power of Safee’s notifications system and take your fleet management journey to the next level.Contact Us!

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