Dynamic Reporting and Data Visualizations of Safee Tracking Data Analyzer TDA System

Dynamic Reporting and Data Visualizations of Safee Tracking Data Analyzer TDA System

Dynamic Reporting and Data Visualizations of Safee Tracking Data Analyzer TDA System 1904 1057 Safee

Dynamic Reporting and Data Visualizations of Safee Tracking Data Analyzer TDA System

With the large increase in fleets’ sizes and the steady growth of the number of vehicles equipped with GPS trackers, fleet management tasks become more and more complicated and the achievement of the main objectives of maximizing productivity, increasing revenue, reducing operational costs, and meeting customers’ expectations become more challenging.

For fleet managers, knowing all the details about the operations is crucial and it is exactly what helps them to make their workforces more productive and make the investment based on fleets activities more profitable. Here comes the pivotal role of the most advanced service in business decision-making, it is Safee Tracking Data Analyzer that enables fleet managers and business owners to build sophisticated dashboards with plenty of visualizations, generate dynamic reports, create advanced condition-based reporting and stay ahead of all updates about their daily operations by benefiting from accurate scheduled reports.


Safee development team has built the most powerful system for processing streaming data sent by GPS vehicle tracking devices in real-time, as well as developing the appropriate tools for creating, scheduling, and customizing dynamic reports that will enhance the process of shaping the entire management strategy of the fleet. The team came up with TDA Tracking Data Analyzer which is a result of integrating Safee with Elastic Stack and leveraging the amazing capabilities of Elasticsearch Engine.

By employing Elasticsearch as a database and search engine to process big data streams, and Kibana to support data visualization through dynamic and user-friendly interfaces, this integration enriches the process of generating, scheduling, and displaying the reports of vehicle tracking services, such as:

  • Trips reports.
  • Statistical reports of vehicle utilization.
  • Fleet’s consumption of resources.
  • Reports of entry and exit from geofences.

Stream data processing in real-time

Processing of data streams in real-time is defined as the set of procedures and techniques that collect, process, and analyze data within a short time or specific delay, where information is collected and acquired about events while they are in transit and a continuous movement. Data is rarely static; it is constantly moving from the source or producer to the receiver or consumer. Stream data processing is of strategic importance for organizations seeking to build and shape insights into their systems and operational processes.

Safee GPS vehicle tracking system is a real-time data stream system. The tracking data streams transmitted through the system consist of a series of messages that are periodically sent by GPS tracking devices and other sensors installed within the vehicles on highways and various work fields.

Elasticsearch engine

Elasticsearch is a distributed search and analytics engine that supports all types of data, including text, numeric, geospatial, structured, and unstructured data.

Its robust and well-designed APIs, distributed nature, search speed, and massive scalability perfectly match the business requirements of Safee platform when dealing with large fleets. Elasticsearch is the main component of Elastic Stack, a suite of software tools such as Logstash, Kibana, and Beats for ingesting, enriching, storing, analyzing, and visualizing data.

Why use Elasticsearch engine

  • Speed. Elasticsearch is based on Lucene, it excels at full-text search. Elasticsearch is also a real-time search system, which means that the response time between the stage of indexing the document and the stage at which it becomes searchable is extremely short, usually one second. Therefore, Elasticsearch is best suited for time-sensitive use cases such as fleet security analytics, asset monitoring, and vehicle tracking.
  • System of distributed nature. Documents stored in Elasticsearch are distributed across different containers, which are duplicated to provide multiple copies of data in the case of any hardware failure. The distributed nature of the search engine allows Elasticsearch to scale its operations to hundreds or even thousands of servers and handle petabytes of data.
  • Integration with Kibana. Elasticsearch offers seamless integration with the most powerful data analytics and visualization platform of Kibana that provides real-time visualization of Elasticsearch data as well as essential UIs for quick access to business metrics and fleet performance indicators.

Kibana software tool

It is an astonishing data visualization and management software tool that allows via an advanced user interface to display and visualize Elasticsearch data, manage Elastic Stack, and navigate between its various sections. With Kibana it is also possible to track messaging load and query requests and deeply understand the way the data flows through the system.

Kibana provides real-time graphs such as histograms, line graphs, pie charts, and geographic maps. It also includes advanced applications such as Canvas that allow users to create custom dynamic graphs based on their data and analytics requirements and Elastic Maps for customizable geospatial data visualization.

The vital role of Safee TDA in more advanced fleet management

A centralized monitoring and management system is not complete without a data analysis and visualization tool, since with no ability to analyze and monitor data efficiently, there will be little benefit in just collecting and storing it. Tracking Data Analyzer plays a pivotal role in Safee fleet management platform as the most powerful data visualization and analysis tool running on top of the integration with Elasticsearch and Logstash layers of the Elastic Stack.

With the incredible data analysis features available now on Safee platform via TDA, you can:

  • Gain access to all your tracking data in a centralized data analysis and management system.
  • Generate multi-level aggregations dynamic reports.
  • Create comprehensive reports with simple drag-and-drop moves.
  • Build sophisticated dashboards that combine tables, charts, maps, and customized filters to show the whole story of your business data.
  • Benefiting from highly customized condition-based reports with plenty of logical operations combinations.
  • Create customized dashboard-to-dashboard drill-downs that enable insightful analysis.
  • Share data visualizations with team members, management, compliance managers, and contractors easily.
  • Schedule any report or visualization to be sent via email, and set the suitable repeat mode and data retrieval date.
  • Export reports to Excel or CSV files and send them as attachments.

Tracking Data Analyzer for better business growth

Undisputedly, reports generating, data processing, and visualizing are the most important features that every fleet management application should provide to assist managers in developing a management strategy that increases the efficiency of fleet operations.


It is not just about the number of reports that the system can generate and present to users, but the nature of these reports and their ability to detect problems in real-time and help develop appropriate solutions and build and define future visions that boost the growth of the fleet business and make the company more profitable.

This is exactly what Safee TDA system provides through its advanced tools for generating and creating dynamic, scheduled, and customizable reports that provide a solid understanding of everything that happens within the fleet and create better opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiency and productivity.

Some of the most important types of dynamic reports

  • Trips reports
    This type of report displays information about all trips made by the fleet’s vehicles during a given time frame, including:

    • Engine running time.
    • Departure date/time.
    • Arrival date/time.
    • Mileage.
    • Stop locations.
    • Downtime.
    • Idling time.
    • Driver performance.
  • Geofences reports
    • Times of entry and exit.
    • Time spent by vehicles in a specific geofence.
    • Frequency of vehicle visits to geofences.
  • Statistical reports on vehicle movement and consumption:
    • Fuel consumption.
    • Fuel purchases information.
    • Wasted fuel.
    • Vehicle health status.
    • Total daily costs for each driver or vehicle.

Reported data can be filtered and multi-level aggregated according to a wide range of parameters such as time range, province, city, driver, vehicle plate number, trip, geographic area, … etc.

Safee, the industry leader in fleet management data analysis

There is widespread adoption of Elasticsearch and its software tools: Logstash, Kibana, and Beats. Elastic Stack is used now by major technology companies from different industries, such as Netflix, LinkedIn, Cisco, and Walmart. Elastic Stack offers many features and enhances operational efficiency for a wide range of industries. The development team of Safee was able to bring successfully the great advantages of Elastic Stack to the cloud fleet management and to employ its amazing features in the GPS vehicle tracking platform, and that is considered a breakthrough and innovation for the currently existing approaches in the fleet management industry. This makes Safee the pioneer in this field compared to the other companies operating in the same sector.

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