Safee Driver Application for Better Collaboration

Safee Driver Application for Better Collaboration

Safee Driver Application for Better Collaboration 900 600 Safee

Safee Driver Application for Better Collaboration

Safee Driver Application for Better Collaboration

In the dynamic environment of the fleet operations, and in the middle of changing demand situations, it is so essential to establish better communications with your drivers on highways and in dispatching centers, and in loading & unloading yards. The new driver app from Safee will help you to streamline your operations and organize the efforts of your staff to reach new levels of service quality and customer satisfaction.

Easy to use application with an incredible interface and big benefits, such as:

  • Update drivers with necessary trip information to complete their tasks efficiently.
  • Eliminate paper burden.
  • Avoid making any phone calls asking for updates.
  • Proof of service via streamlined confirmation.
  • Immediate access to instant updates about trip events.
  • Better collaboration between drivers and back-office.
  • Journey start and end notifications.
  • Get the driver updated about traffic conditions, and customer needs.
  • Digitize your driving terms, restrictions, and coaching guides.
  • Super-accurate navigation system integration.
  • Configure optimized trip routes.
  • Deliver your customers safely, on time, and without driving any extra kilometers.
  • Improve assets utilization, with vehicles’ dynamic status updates.
  • Get the right job data to simplify compliance.
  • Keep truckers informed about job schedules and delivery calendars.
  • Driver gain access to complete service log records of previous trips and assigned vehicles.
  • Build detailed drivers profiles associated with performance scoring system and service benchmarks.
  • Secure solution with improved privacy protection, the driver can only see information that has permission to see.

Driver app from Safee Fleet Management platform meets exactly your business needs whatever your fleet’s size is. The application is characterized by great scalability and service continuity and is ready to serve drivers of the fleets of large corporations as well as mid-size and small businesses.

Safee driver app runs smoothly in popular mobile operating systems including Apple iOS and Google Android.

Application Main Features

The superior design and usability of Safee driver app help the fleet drivers to handle effectively their daily job tasks and operations and follow up the latest updates about their trips and delivery missions by taking advantage of the app’s amazing features, such as:

  • Listing and filtering of assigned journeys.
  • Viewing detailed information about each journey.
  • Tracking and navigating all the journey’s steps on an interactive map.
  • Confirmation of the trip starting and ending.
  • Browsing the list of assigned vehicles.
  • Viewing detailed information about each vehicle.
  • Receiving instant alerts and notifications.
  • Driving performance scoring.
  • Risk assessment and trip evaluation.
  • Electronic proof of delivery.

Listing and filtering of assigned journeys

The driver can view all the journeys that have been assigned to him or his linked vehicle. For each listed journey, the app shows the driver the following information:

  • Journey title.
  • Start location point/address.
  • End location point/address.
  • Vehicle type.
  • Status.
  • Journey starting date/time.
  • Journey starting trigger.

The driver has the ability to filter the listed journeys according to multiple criteria.

Start Journeys Manually

For the assigned journey with starting trigger set as “Manually”. The driver can start the assigned journey. After the system confirmation of the request to start a journey, the app opens the journey details page on the map to give the driver ability to navigate his trip and track the route points (start point, stop points, finish point).

View Journey Information

The app provides drivers with crucial information about assigned journeys according to the journey status “pending”, “ongoing” or “finished”.

Trip information, such as:

  • Journey title.
  • Assigned vehicle number.
  • Reference number.
  • Passenger information.
  • Validity start date.
  • Validity end date.
  • Trip description.
  • Start trigger type.
  • Finish trigger type.
  • Max allowed trip duration.
  • Max allowed speed.
  • Max allowed travel distance.
  • Geofence name.
  • Geofence location.
  • Stop durations in minutes.
  • Arriving date/time.
  • Departure date/time.

For “finished” trips, the app shows all planned values of the parameters related to that trip and compares them to the actual values resulting at the end of the trip. The system links each comparison to the exact driver-vehicle assignment to enrich the processes of driver scoring and fleet performance analysis.

Journeys can be started/finished manually by the driver via his app or automatically by the system, the situation differs according to the nature of that trip’s starting/ending trigger whether it is “Manual” or “Automatic”. When the system starts/finishes a journey, the driver gets an instant alert about that action.

Journeys Calendar

The app can show to the driver an interactive calendar of all pending journeys that have been previously assigned to him, regarding the trip validity starting date and time.

For each listed journey in that calendar, the following information is provided:

  • Journey name.
  • Start location.
  • End location.
  • Vehicle type.
  • Status.
  • Journey starting time.
  • Journey starting trigger type.

Driver Terms Submission

The app establishes better communication between the drivers and the fleet manager in the back office. It helps to spread safe driving culture widely and quickly among mobile workforces across the entire fleet, through its interactive tools of driving restrictions and coaching guides and its digitized driving terms acceptance process.


Advanced Navigation System

Safee driver app provides an advanced and super accurate navigation system by achieving seamless integration with Google GIS services.

All that driver needs is to select the trip’s start-point and end-point and to confirm the starting of the journey with the system, then the app will direct him immediately to the navigator to guide him throughout his trip.

Vehicles Listing

The driver can view complete log records of all his previously assigned vehicles. For each listed vehicle, the application can show the following information:

  • Vehicle plate number.
  • Model.
  • Brand.
  • Color
  • Type.

View Vehicle Details

The application user can ask to know some details about a specific vehicle from the fleet. The app can show plenty of information, such as:

  • Vehicle plate number.
  • Model.
  • Brand.
  • Color.
  • Type.
  • Description.
  • Capacity unit.
  • Capacity.
  • Dynamic driver status.
  • Vehicle current status (active, idle, inactive).
  • Odometer (km).
  • Ignition time.
  • Vehicle limits and restrictions: Max speed, Max distance.
  • License expiration date.
  • Insurance expiration date.

Receive Instant Notifications

The main fleet management platform can deliver immediate notifications to the drivers via the instant alarming feature of the app, once the related alarms are triggered in the system. Those notifications are related basically to the traffic situations, vehicle status, or any other topic that affects the driver’s tasks and fleet operations.

View Driver Profile

For each driver in the fleet, there is a unique profile that can be accessed via the user-friendly interface of the application, the driver can view basic information, such as:

  • Driver ID.
  • Name.
  • Surename.
  • Profile image.
  • Driver score.
  • Phone number.
  • Email Address.
  • Driver status (active, inactive).

The driver can update his contact information via a confirmable process to keep the back office up-to-date while maintaining his account security.

Maintenance & Risk Assessment

With Safee driver app, you can set up early maintenance schedules, monitor your fleet’s health, and avoid unexpected breakdowns and interruptions. The app makes it easy to track the maintenance check processes and to build a clear vision and strong plan to assess, track, and control the health of the fleet’s valuable vehicles and assets.

The mobile application has the necessary tools that help drivers follow up on maintenance issues related to their assigned vehicles, driver can resolve scheduled dues and confirm the accomplishment of maintenance tasks.

Via this feature, the driver can add images about vehicle damage as attachments for insurance purposes. Also, he can add Before/After images attached to the assigned maintenance tasks as proof of work and for more accurate cost calculations. The driver can manage different maintenance tasks and link them to related alarms.

Managers in the back office can issue administrative tasks and assign them directly to drivers through the app. The fleet manager can ask drivers to:

  • Measure the air pressure of tires.
  • Make sure that the AVL device and its accessories work properly.
  • Take a photo of the vehicle.
  • Check the engine status.

Or any other administrative tasks that might affect how the fleet operates.

The driver can answer questions and send his responses immediately to the management via the interactive tasks handling module of his mobile application.

Sometimes, the fleet drivers who work specially in the transportation and logistics industry might find themselves in dangerous situations and harsh environments. For those, Safee driver mobile app introduces an emergency buzzer service that aims to ensure driver safety under any circumstances. When the driver presses the emergency button in the app, this service will generate the necessary panic alarms and send them directly to the fleet manager to take proper actions.

The fleet manager can establish a pre-evaluation process of the trip before it begins. The app can deliver streamlined risk assessment forms that can be filled easily by the driver, supported by instant marking and resulting procedure, and continues synchronization with the main system in the back office.

Safee driver app makes it easier for the drivers to accomplish the Proof of Delivery P.O.D process. No need for paperwork or any manual data entry, the app provides customized forms that help capture data instantly, upload and attach photos and collect customers’ signatures. The app also offers offline forms filling with automatic synchronization when the phone is back online again.

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