Construction and
Heavy Equipment

Take the full control of your fleet with Safee GPS tracking for construction equipment. A complete fleet solution for your hardworking and most valuable assets. Safee empowers you to manage the huge fleets of construction vehicles and heavy equipment to make sure that you know exactly where everything is and what it is doing at all times.

Key benefits


uptime increasing


security improvement


driving behaviors


accurate billing


visibility for large job sites and resources

Accurate and clear visibility for more productivity

Idle or underutilized crew members and machines cost your business a lot of money. With heavy equipment fleet management, you can see what is happening and where it is happening to support your critical decision-making process.

  • Track construction crews easily.
  • Find your assets and reallocate them to the appropriate work sites efficiently.
  • Monitor vehicles, powered and nonpowered assets.

Project and workforce management

With the monitoring and reporting capabilities of Safee for construction equipment, you are able to capture work hours automatically and accurately, so your business operates based on better data-driven decisions.

  • Get powerful daily reports of the work hours.
  • Ensure timely payroll
  • Bill customers accurately.


The safety of the operations is so essential for your business progress. Construction equipment telematics helps you address the issues earlier and before they become serious issues.

  • Get real-time notifications and fully reporting.
  • Train your workers based on the data.
  • Review tracking camera footage for quick investigations.

Asset utilization

With clear visibility provided by Safee heavy-equipment monitoring solution, you have the right data to make better decisions about how your business uses the assigned resources.

  • Avoid unnecessary rentals.
  • Stay informed with the latest updates from the field.
  • Bid and bill more accurately.


With Safee GPS tracking for construction equipment, you can be notified about the unauthorized operations at any time to protect your high-value assets in the field.

  • Monitor the utilization with advanced and highly customization options.
  • Establish your own geographic boundaries with geofences.
  • Set specific operating hours for each task.
  • Get instant alerts for any unauthorized movement.

Maintenance Increase your equipment’s active time. Sudden breakdowns lead to missed deadlines, decreased revenues, and unsatisfied customers. Safee construction equipment telematics will keep you up to date on maintenance needs and help you schedule more effective proactive services. ​

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