and Logistics

Empower your fleet operations with advanced truck GPS positioning, trailer monitoring solution, and video intelligence capability. Manage your vehicles, drivers, and cargo delivery processes more efficiently. Safee GPS truck tracking helps you to deal with the big operational requirements of trucking fleets. Our platform will help you manage compliance with the government mandates, help monitor and coach your drivers’ behaviors, and track fuel consumption and idling time. All of that with one integrated cloud solution.

Key benefits


your vehicles on a real-time updated map.


compliance management.


your customers’ satisfaction with more accurate delivery arrangements.


the valuablecargos with a trailer tracking solution.


better with your drivers and vehicles.


Suspicious and harsh driving behaviors can lead to accidents and a decline in vehicle health. Safee truck tracking features like Video IVMS provide you with the ability of monitoring inside and outside the vehicle to give you peace of mind and ensure the entire fleet safety and security. This feature helps you to investigate the accidents quickly, efficiently, and more accurately.

Customer service

Customers appreciate accurate deliveries and that will be a result of better communications services with your drivers and vehicles, provided by Safee tracking solutions. Trailer tracking Secure your most valuable assets. Use Safee asset tracking and see where your trailers are located and improve the overall security.  

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