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Safee means Safety, Efficiency, and Security in the Field


  • Oil and gas industry services fleets face unique challenges when it comes to maintaining safe and productive operations. Equip your fleet with the best oil and gas telematics software from Safee which will help your fleet managers stay in contact with your mobile workforces, vehicles, and equipment to make things run smoothly and safely.

    ​Key benefits

    • Monitor fleet movements and activities
    • Report on asset location and utilization
    • Manage driver safety with instant alerts and notifications
    • Track vehicle and asset maintenance


    Improve safety and reduce operating unnecessary expenses

    ​Oil and gas field service fleets routinely transport hazardous materials and equipment to remote locations.

    Safety is paramount in every aspect of the job for a mobile workforce, but especially in transportation over the road when the public is at risk.

    ​Our fleet management software will help you to:

    • Reduce unsafe driving behaviors with real-time alarms and notifications.
    • Monitor excessive idling.
    • Create customizable reports and dashboards to monitor the safety of the operations.


    Theft reduction
    Oil and gas equipment left unattended at a job site invites the potential for misuse, abuse, or outright theft.

    Oil and gas fleet tracking from Safee can deliver peace of mind with:

    • Real-time monitoring maps that track the location of the vehicles and assets.
    • Geofencing capabilities to detect any out-of-area activity.
    • Notifications for unauthorized use.

    Asset utilization

    Raising operations productivity is so crucial in especially with hugely fluctuated oil markets, with the Safee oil and gas equipment tracking platform, there is no place for unproductive or underutilized equipment.

    • Leverage utilization reports making better data-driven decisions.
    • Assign resources more efficiently with location tracking service.
    • Monitor engine hours for vehicles and powered assets
    • Customizable reporting capabilities for additional cost savings.

    Vehicle and asset maintenance

    Services in the oil & gas industry put vehicles and assets into rough terrain where spare parts are a long way away. With Safee fleet management solutions, you address vehicle maintenance issues before they become real problems.

    • Receive real-time alarms and reports about vehicle health.
    • Increase uptime and reduce breakdown risks by scheduling routine maintenance efforts efficiently.


Construction and Heavy Equipment

The most suitable fleet management and asset tracking solution for construction and heavy equipment industry

  • Take the full control of your fleet with Safee GPS tracking for construction equipment. A complete fleet solution for your hardworking and most valuable assets. Safee empowers you to manage the huge fleets of construction vehicles and heavy equipment to make sure that you know exactly where everything is and what it is doing at all times.

    ​Key benefits

    • Equipment uptime increasing
    • Asset security improvement
    • More accurate billing
    • Safer driving behaviors
    • Expanded visibility for large job sites and resources

    Accurate and clear visibility for more productivity
    Know the location of your vehicles and equipment instantly.

    Idle or underutilized crew members and machines cost your business a lot of money. With heavy equipment fleet management, you can see what is happening and where it is happening to support your critical decision-making process.

    • Track construction crews easily.
    • Find your assets and reallocate them to the appropriate work sites efficiently.
    • Monitor vehicles, powered and nonpowered assets.

    Project and workforce management
    Track work hours for improved payroll and customer billing.

    With the monitoring and reporting capabilities of Safee for construction equipment, you are able to capture work hours automatically and accurately, so your business operates based on better data-driven decisions.

    • Get powerful daily reports of the work hours
    • Ensure timely payroll
    • Bill customers accurately.



    Avoid accidents and unnecessary insurance costs.

    The safety of the operations is so essential for your business progress. Construction equipment telematics helps you address the issues earlier and before they become serious issues.

    • Get real-time notifications and fully reporting.
    • Train your workers based on the data.
    • Review tracking camera footage for quick investigations.


    Asset utilization
    Use an integrated platform to monitor your equipment utilization and engine hours.

    With clear visibility provided by Safee heavy-equipment monitoring solution, you have the right data to make better decisions about how your business uses the assigned resources.

    • Avoid unnecessary rentals.
    • Stay informed with the latest updates from the field.
    • Bid and bill more accurately.


    Help prevent unauthorized usage and thefts.

    With Safee GPS tracking for construction equipment, you can be notified about the unauthorized operations at any time to protect your high-value assets in the field.

    • Monitor the utilization with advanced and highly customization options.
    • Establish your own geographic boundaries with geofences.
    • Set specific operating hours for each task.
    • Get instant alerts for any unauthorized movement.

    MaintenanceIncrease your equipment’s active time.Sudden breakdowns lead to missed deadlines, decreased revenues, and unsatisfied customers. Safee construction equipment telematics will keep you up to date on maintenance needs and help you schedule more effective proactive services.


Transportation and Logistics

Advanced GPS tracking solution for trucking fleets of all sizes.

  • Empower your fleet operations with advanced truck GPS positioning, trailer monitoring solution, and video intelligence capability.
    Manage your vehicles, drivers, and cargo delivery processes more efficiently.
    Safee GPS truck tracking helps you to deal with the big operational requirements of trucking fleets. Our platform will help you manage compliance with the government mandates, help monitor and coach your drivers’ behaviors, and track fuel consumption and idling time. All of that with one integrated cloud solution.

    Key benefits

    • Monitor your vehicles on a real-time updated map.
    • Automate compliance management.
    • Enhance your customers’ satisfaction with more accurate delivery arrangements.
    • Protect the valuable cargos with a trailer tracking solution.
    • Communicate better with your drivers and vehicles.


    Monitor your drivers and improve the vehicle health status.
    Suspicious and harsh driving behaviors can lead to accidents and a decline in vehicle health. Safee truck tracking features like Video IVMS provide you with the ability of monitoring inside and outside the vehicle to give you peace of mind and ensure the entire fleet safety and security. This feature helps you to investigate the accidents quickly, efficiently, and more accurately.


    Customer service
    Enhance customer service with better delivery monitoring capability.
    Customers appreciate accurate deliveries and that will be a result of better communications services with your drivers and vehicles, provided by Safee tracking solutions.

    Trailer trackingSecure your most valuable assets.Use Safee asset tracking and see where your trailers are located and improve the overall security.


Government and Public Safety

Protect the government fleets with the best telematics solution of Safee.

  • Most reliable and secure fleet management solution for government GPS tracking.
    Add expanded visibility and accurate accountability to the government fleets.
    Running safe and responsive government fleets is a challenging issue, but Safee GPS tracking solution is always ready to solve that issue and to make it easy to track large fleets vehicles, help to improve operations, monitor driver behaviors, and update about vehicles maintenance.

    Key benefits

    • Use resources efficiently and reduce expenses.
    • Monitor drivers to reduce harsh driving and accidents.
    • Enhance response time with larger vehicle visibility.
    • Be up-to-date about vehicle maintenance and plan for downtimes.

    We are an approved vendor for government contracts with our advanced fleet management solution.

    Law enforcement fleets
    Safee can support public safety fleets with the necessary integrations, seatbelt detection, and other features that empower law enforcement operations.

    Education institutions’ fleets
    Students’ safety is so crucial for families, educational institutions, and the entire society, and that definitely requires ensuring school transportation fleets safety and security. Safee provides you with the capability of tracking school buses and monitoring their locations accurately. It helps you to reduce idling and to monitor drivers’ behaviors to avoid accidents and keep the operations go smoothly and seamlessly.

    Non-profit and home healthcare organizations
    Safee provides you with proof of service by tracking time on location and enhance vehicle visibility for non-profit organizations and social agencies fleets. Track your drivers’ behaviors and help mitigate risks with Video-based IVMS features.


Retail and Distribution

Build more efficient routes for more accurate deliveries

  • Use Safee fleet management software to improve routing and make more deliveries on time.
    Fleet tracking platform of Safee gives you wide visibility to achieve the best route optimization, along with the data of monitoring driver behaviors, manage fuel expenses, and track vehicle maintenance.

    Key benefits

    • Track driver behaviors and ensure safety by using Video IVMS.
    • Monitor fuel consumption by tracking idling and harsh driving.
    • Improve customer service by dispatching more efficiently.
    • Reduce unexpected breakdowns and downtime with maintenance notifications.


Advanced telematics solution to support the fleet management in utility industry sectors.

  • Safee provides you with full control capability and wide visibility to be able to respond effectively to all emergency cases. Safee fleet management software meets all your tracking, dispatching, and driver safety monitoring needs.

    Key benefits

    • Track vehicle idling and asset utilization.
    • Respond quickly to outages with real-time vehicle tracking.
    • Manage fleet safety with driver behavior monitoring tools.
    • Improve fleet maintenance and prevent costly downtimes.

Services and Specialty Trades

Manage your vehicles, jobs, and workers from one integrated fleet monitoring platform

  • Field service sectors have to coordinate and manage communications between customers, technicians, and fleet managers. Safee combined fleet tracking solution allows you to manage all the operations from one integrated cloud service platform.

    Key benefits

    • Respond quickly to emergencies
    • Easily schedule and dispatch to the field
    • See all vehicles simultaneously on a live map
    • Get jobs done on time

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