Real-Time Monitoring

High-resolution maps
Live messaging updates
​Powerful filtering and customizable listing
​Details on demand

-Track the status and activity of all your fleet vehicles
– Switch between street view maps and satellite maps
– Benefit from terrain information and full labeling options
– Get accurate traffic information for better management and navigatio

Trip Historical Data

Accurate trip analysis
​Advanced geospatial mapping tools
Detailed timeline lists
Playback of the entire trip’s chronicle for quick and unbiased
​Powerful statistics


Analyze the performance over time
Track your fleet progress towards the business KPIs

Harness the power of statistics, numbers, and advanced graphical charts to accomplish analysis across the entire business hierarchy


Customized reports generating across the entire system
Powerful reports scheduling
​Get access to a huge set of reporting types

Driving Time Report
Driver Performance Report
Fatigue Report

Trip Report
Distance Report
Speed Report
Driving Time Report
Idle Time Report
Past Location Report
Out of Work Zone Report

Alarm Report
Route Alarms Report
Vehicle Overspeed Report

Communication Report
Idle Time Report
Fuel Consumption Report
Fuel-Saving and Emission Control Report

Alarms and Notifications

​Alarms of all types for better tracking

Advanced filtering and listing

​Instant alerts and direct notifications

Notifications on the web platform and mobile app, via emails and SMS

Some major alarming types
Battery Low
Crash Detected
Enter & Leave Geofence
Hard Braking
High Temperature

Missing Communication
Power Disconnected
Excessive Idling

Alarms Conditions

Huge customization options
Set alarms with a wide range of condition types
Edit and modify to meet all your business needs

Idle Time Condition
Out Of Working Hours
Driver Seatbelt
Excessive Driving Workload
Load Weight Limit

Temperature Inside Geofence
Temperature Outside Geofence

Geofence Entry and Exit
Speed Inside Geofence
Distance Within Geofence
Time Inside Geofence
Stops Inside & Outside Geofence

Path Condition
Overspeed On-Road


Full visibility throughout your entire fleet

Vehicles Explorer
Drivers Explorer
Geo-Units Explorer
Accounts Explorer
Commands Explorer

Waybill Customers Explorer
Audit Log Explorer
Due Tasks Explorer
Weights Explorer


Take control of every part of your fleet
Custom commands
-Transient Sessions
-Persistent Commands
Complete commands history

Advanced Geofencing

Protect your valuable assets in the field
​Place the geofences around your work sites
Set the most suitable alarms, instant and direct notifications

Organize your fleet and manage the workforces better
​Put the multiple geographical units throughout your entire operational areas
Link them to the related conditions and alerts

Business Integration

Platform API
Use our API to connect to the technologies your business invests in

Connect to existing tools and integrations
​Benefit from the services which already integrated with our platform


Mobile app
Use our mobile app to track your business on the go

Flexible hardware options
Our platform works seamlessly with a wide range of hardware and diversified installations

Supported Hardware

Safee provides compatibility with all GPS tracker devices from all manufacturers around the globe
Some of the GPS trackers supported by Safee in the field right now

Current Integrations

Some of the services which already integrated with Safee fleet management platform

Wasl e-platform service provider

Satellite communications service

Safe Driving
Video monitoring service

Weight Tracking
KIMAX weight sensors


Integrated Solution
Combine all your mobile workforce on a single platform for better operational effectiveness and data sharing

Cloud Service
Web-based platform offers tremendous cost savings on IT operations and hardware installations and gives you timely access to the critical data, alerts, and important reports

Satellite View
Track your vehicles with the advanced geospatial mapping features and comprehensive satellite imagery, full labelling and traffic information

Customizable Mapping
Organize the geographical views, locations, and places to meet your business need, using geofences, lines, circles, and paths.

Maintenance Scheduling
Set up early maintenance schedules to avoid unexpected breakdowns and interruptions.

Fuel Consumption Management
With detailed operating hours and traveling distance information, you will manage the most critical issue of your entire fleet, more accurately and more efficiently.

Engine Diagnostics
Receive diagnostic alarms and maintenance reminders. Reduce breakdown possibilities, track emissions, and monitor odometer readings and utilization hours.

For better investigations of the damage claims and the accidents, benefit from replaying the chronicle of the trips and operations.

Weight Tracking
Monitor the weights of your fleet’s vehicles and trailers accurately and simultaneously and unleash the possibility of multiple applications and integrations that meet your business needs.

Determine the potential opportunities to increase productivity and unleash creativity with powerful alerting and reporting tools.

Trends Finding
Analyze the historical data of your fleet to uncover meaningful trends and to set more reliable forecasts and predictions for your business.

Full Dashboards
Monitor your entire fleet on one screen with highly detailed dashboards and charts. Track the crucial KPIs that matter to the progress of your business.

Customizable Alarms
Set the suitable conditions that trigger the alarms (Overspeed, Idling, Harsh Braking, … etc) and customize the alarm receivers.

Video-Based Tracking
Monitor the driver’s behavior and view video clips of harsh driving events for more accurate and unbiased investigations.

Customizable Hierarchy
Customize access rules and security levels to meet your enterprise needs. Assign to groups and modules for better management.

Full Customizations & Business Integrations
Customize settings and database access permissions. Open API and strong connections enable data sharing and easy integrations with the enterprise’s existing solutions and services.

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