Fleet Management

Monitor and manage your entire workforces in the most effective and efficient manner.

  • Increase your fleet visibility with Safee fleet management
    Safee provides you with a real-time, 360-degree view of the fleet operations flow, so you will be able to accomplish your business targets of increasing revenues, reducing costs, rocketing productivity, being up-to-date about vehicle maintenance procedures, and get the most of every workday.

    Organize the operations management of the fleet and get more done with fewer resources
    Better fleet visibility of Safee platform will help you take the stock of what you have and how it is being used. Our GPS fleet tracking solution can help you uncover hidden costs while revealing the potential for greater productivity and efficiency.

    Monitor the activities of all your fleet vehicles
    With highly-detailed maps and huge capabilities of clustering, Safee introduces the most powerful vehicle tracking solution to:

    • Reduce fuel consumption
    • Tracking vehicle diagnostics & maintenance needs
    • Monitor your mobile asset and equipment
    • Prevent unauthorized out of area use via geofencing features

    Accomplish the fleet’s performance analysis over time
    Follow up on the significant trends across the entire fleet, with real-time fleet data analytics provided by our platform with total access to the fleet historical data. Safee’s hugely customizable dashboards make it easy to review your business progress towards the determined KPIs or budgets.

Asset Tracking

With Safee you will track and manage all of your high-value assets with one powerful cloud-based solution.

  • Track the assets that empower your business growth with comprehensive asset tracking tools that work for all kinds of your most valuable equipment.

    ​Safee asset tracking solutions are here to help you to take control of the things that matter to your business, with the powerful Safee cloud monitoring service, an innovative GPS fleet tracking solution that grows and adapts exactly to the needs of your business.
    ​Equipment tracking
    Track engine hours and maintenance for heavy-duty equipment such as loaders, cranes, and dozers.
    Trailer tracking
    Across the entire country, monitor every single trailer of your fleet from your office via your desktop or laptop and on the go with Safee powerful mobile app.

    Know where your assets are, and where they’ve been

    • With full visibility of your high-value assets, you can quickly locate project-critical equipment when needed.
    • Even with thousands of assets, you can track them all on a single web-based dashboard that clusters multiple assets and offers fast searching or tag filtering.
    • See the location of assets, current status, and usage history alongside the rest of your mobile workforce so you know how hard your equipment has been working.

    Improve your asset utilization
    Asset tracking software can help you understand how your assets are being used. Are you getting a good return on your investment, or are they sitting idle most of the day?

    Rental billing/project costs
    Track asset usage by equipment to improve cost analysis and sharpen competitive bids for future work. Improve the accuracy and efficiency of billing customers who rent your equipment.

    Protect your assets with proactive maintenance and service

    Safee asset tracking solutions allow you to:

    • Track engine hours based on usage metrics
    • Create reminders for scheduled maintenance and part replacement
    • Log service for historical data

    Asset tracking that goes where you go
    Stay in control of your assets even while you are out of the office with our mobile app, for Apple and Android devices.
    You can also choose to receive alerts via the platform itself or via emails, mobile app, and SMS for events such as unauthorized use or assets moving in or out of a specific geofence.

Compliance Management

Simplify compliance for your fleet legal obligations, help reduce the paperwork burden, and encourage worker safety with Safee compliance solutions.

  • Meet your government compliance obligations
    Compliance is so essential for the safety of the business operations and the key technology to achieve that is the powerful cloud service of Safee which will provide the peace of mind for your business and gives you the opportunity to rocket the productivity. Safee fleet management is committed to helping trucking fleets follow the Department of Transportation rules with easy-to-use, innovative solutions. Stay current with all the most recent government regulations. Safee will give you the ability to integrate with 3rd party services to provide the best compliance management experience.

    Current integrations available: Wasl service, which is related to the vehicle’s weight regulations.

    Focus on positive ROI
    Our solution’s main purpose is to help businesses be more profitable. You cannot avoid regulatory requirements but you can find the best ways to deal with it before it becomes so expensive. With Safee strong fuel reports and tracking temperatures and weights services, you will be definitely able to ease the regulatory compliance.

    Better driver experiences
    Our compliance solutions are focused on making the work processes more efficient via automated reporting related to the necessary permits and licenses, and real-time information on the expiries to make sure that operational efforts of the entire business proceed smoothly and seamlessly.

Fleet Data Analytics

Our system will provide you with the necessary tools to identify the crucial information for the achievement of fleet management analysis and cost analysis.

  • With the support of Safee’s powerful reporting capabilities, we ensure the absolute enhancement of the overall operational performance.
    Safee helps you to pinpoint data that can improve aspects of your operation so you will be on the right way to use the information effectively.

    Areas to consider include:
    MaintenanceManage maintenance and repair activities to improve the productivity of your workforces, and avoid the unnecessary expenses.​FuelReduce fuel costs by analyzing vehicle performance, monitoring, and evaluating the purchasing programs and practices.
    ​SafetyImprove safety and manage the risks with the best intelligence on driver behavior, and by analyzing data relating to accidents, damage costs, and repairs.

    Only with Safee tools, you will be able to turn complex and highly detailed data into actionable and valuable fleet analysis reports.

    ​There are multiple reporting solutions available on Safee platform, all of which work to automate everyday workflow functions.

    Reports are presented in an easy to interpret, graphical format with the ability to drill down into key intelligence to provide insight into specific information needs.

    Customizable reporting capabilities
    Data rules can trigger automated alerts and reminders when business-critical information is available, and events can be set to automatically generate reports based on a range of date, time, and other parameters. You can even ensure the right reports are seen by the appropriate people by setting up user permissions related to specific rules.

Safe Driving

You will be empowered to take action, before, during, and after each trip. Keep your vehicles and your drivers green and safe with Safee fleet management solution.

  • Safee provides the fleet manager with detailed driving behavior information.
    Help to improve driving behaviorWe offer one of the most complete approaches to continuously improve your fleet’s driving performance. Safee powerful reporting capabilities will help you evaluate and compare on a wide set of driving performance indicators. In addition to the total access of the trip’s historical data and playback feature of the whole trip chronicle for better and more effective investigative analysis.

    Safee obviously introduces the best savings potential to the fleet manager and the business owner.

    Monitor fuel usage and carbon emission
    Get real-time and historical insights into your fleet’s fuel consumption and emissions. Spot trends or anomalies with the fuel efficiency dashboard and compare performance over time with fuel and carbon reporting.

    Keep your vehicles well-maintained
    Know your vehicles are well maintained. With Safee vehicle maintenance, you will be notified if a vehicle has diagnostic troubles. And you can plan maintenance tasks based on real-time mileage information.

    Environmentally Friendly Driving
    Cut costs: Eco-driving is one of the smartest ways to reduce fuel costs.
    Safer driving: Improve driver behavior, save fuel & maintenance costs
    Less carbon: You are enabled to reduce your carbon emissions with eco-driving.
    Green credentials: Contribute to your commitment to being environmentally responsible.
    With Safee fuel consumption reports, monitor the fuel consumption of your vehicles, and see exceptional events. With maintenance reports, be alerted when your vehicles are ready for maintenance.

Business Integrations

A huge capability to achieve crucial integrations with 3rd party systems, such as ERPs, Waybill Management Systems, and Asset Management Systems.

  • The integration service is designed to make data exchange process between Safee platform and 3rd party systems seamless and more effective, to ensure that the entire business grows in the most efficient manner.

    ​With Safee you can work smarter across your entire organization, not just the fleet department. More collaborations between departments can be achieved for tremendous results.

    Harness the power of the fleet data into your whole organization. With Safee’s open platform approach you can customize processes to suit your business or simply tap into the existing integrations we offer via our partner network.

Tracking Mobile App

Greater visibility within your reach.

  • Your business is on the move, and we make it easy for mobile managers to maintain full control and visibility over the fleet operations, at all times and in all situations.

    ​Our complete view tracking mobile app will help you to avoid missed opportunities, poor productivity, and unnecessary costs. It will help you to know exactly what is going on in the field so you can dispatch more efficiently, improve customer service, and reduce time spent calling for updates to manage the daily operations of your business.

    Superior design and usability
    Our tracking apps are built from the ground up, specifically designed to be easy to use and functional in the field. Our R&D teams spend time on the frontline with customers to truly understand the challenges they face and work hard to craft mobile apps that help make their workday easier.
    Our fleet tracking apps run fast in popular mobile operating systems including Apple iOS and Google Android.

    Mapping on the fly
    For locations that are important to your business, creating a geofence allows you to report on activity in or around this area.
    Fortunately, you do not have to wait until you are back in the office to set this up, do it directly from your mobile device and start tracking vehicle activity around your new geofence right away.

    Find anyone or anything fast
    Today’s fleets are often managing thousands of moving assets. Locating something as simple as a generator or trailer can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Our fleet tracking apps make it super simple for managers to get a real-time location and status update on anything that is being tracked.

    Satellite imagery
    Get the most current earth imagery commercially available, with new labels being collected and updated regularly.

    Powerful mapping
    Backed by high-performance cloud servers, you’ll enjoy maps that are fast, accurate, and detailed yet perfect for smaller screens.

    Receive notifications for specific alarms as they happen including speeding, hard braking, or excessive idling. Drill down into a replay option of the trip path taken to investigate incidents quickly and more accurately.​

    Mobile reports
    Get reports on a wide range of key fleet metrics directly to your mobile device. Stay up-to-date about the performance against your benchmarks with the specific metrics and scorecards.

In Country Cloud Servers

Safee is able to provide you with the huge opportunity of managing the business operations, using cloud services hosted in dedicated servers installed in your country.

  • All of that to ensure your business meets the related laws and regulations of your government and to make the compliance management efforts tuned with the entire economic vision of your country.

Satellite Communications

Safee provides its customers from the transportation and logistics industry with the ability to monitor and track their assets under any circumstances and in the harshest environments.

  • Integration with Orbcomm

    The integration between Safee platform and Orbcomm provides our customers with the essential satellite communications service.

    Under critical conditions, when no GPRS coverage or any other terrestrial data communication is available, this service will make the fleet manager be able to connect with the vehicle and to ask for its location. More importantly, when the driver presses the panic button in the vehicle, this service will generate the necessary panic alarms and send them directly via satellites to the fleet manager.

Weight Tracking

With Safee weight tracking and axle load monitoring capabilities, you will run your entire fleet operations more efficiently by reducing maintenance costs and avoiding unnecessary fines.

  • Freight trucks’ axles are exposed to stresses all the time, and here, the crucial role of Safee’s axle monitoring system comes to help you to:

    • Avoid breakdowns.
    • Optimize cargo loading.
    • Stop paying fines for exceeding maximum axle load.

    Weight tracking and axle load monitoring services are more relevant for freight trucks, dump trucks, mining vehicles, but they also serve public transport buses, light-duty trucks, and municipal vehicles.

    The weight monitoring system consists of axle load sensors, which should be mounted on the most loaded axles, both on the rear axle, rear bogie, and front axle of the vehicles.

    The load monitoring system allows the fleet owner to monitor the cargo transportation processes in detail and brings the transparency to the operations.

    With Safee weight monitoring system, you will receive plenty of worthful information like:

    • Load excess per axle.
    • Overall vehicle overload.
    • Loading and unloading events with precise time and location stamp.
    • Total cargo weight.
    • Total vehicle weight.

    Considering the critical data provided by weight tracking and axle load monitoring system, definitely, you will be able to:

    • Reduce expenses on vehicle maintenance and component overhaul caused by overloads.
    • Avoid paying off traffic fines for overloaded vehicles.
    • Verify the cargo weight correctly.
    • Reduce the depreciation of vehicles and assets.
    • Prevent carrying underhand cargo on your vehicles.

Geospatial Mapping

Robust geospatial mapping for the challenging work environments and the most advanced business needs.

  • Real-time vehicle location
    Whether your drivers are parked or on the move, get their precise location with Safee geospatial mapping capabilities. This can help with a proof of delivery and allows you to monitor working-time guidelines compliance.

    Informative tracking
    Identify where to make savings by tracing previous trips. Our vehicle tracking system accurately records hours worked or hours spent behind the wheel and remembers where each vehicle in your fleet has been in the past. This feature of the vehicle tracking provides an instant overview of vehicle movements, highlighting anomalies, and exposing patterns in your business.

    Instant alerts
    Safee provides alerts instantly when a vehicle enters or leaves a previously designated area or nominated geofence.

    Advanced mapping

    • Street Map View (Terrain Option)
    • Satellite (Labels Option)
    • Traffic Information
    • Measuring and Selection Tools
    • Geographical Units (Geofences, Lines, Routes, Circles, Points)
      Latitude and Longitude Information

Journey Management

Assign specific tasks to your mobile workforces, keep monitoring, and track the accomplishment of the missions. Plan your trips better and optimize the operational efforts of your entire fleet.

  • This service from Safee is basically designed to assign predefined trip tasks to the fleet’s vehicles. The operator creates the task and assigns it to the specified vehicle, and the system will keep monitoring this vehicle during the determined time frame of the task. The system validates if the task is achieved or not, and records the corresponding data to be used in route planning and route optimization.

    Route Planning
    When defining a task with start and end points. Route planning will provide you with the best path according to several criteria (traffic, toll, length, etc).

    Route Optimization
    You can provide a set of vehicles with a set of destinations, and the optimization process will suggest a path for each vehicle which includes a subset of destinations. Therefore, the distributor will be able to obtain the list of drop points for each vehicle along with the suggested best path.

Maintenance Management

Monitor your fleet’s health. Set up early maintenance schedules, and avoid unexpected breakdowns and interruptions.

  • Safee system provides the operator with a maintenance scheduling module with the main purpose of making it easier to track the maintenance check processes and to build a clear vision and strong plan for tracking and controlling the health of the fleet’s valuable vehicles and assets.

    Via this module, you can create, edit, and delete maintenance tasks, link them to scheduled alarms to be fired when the specified constraints are met. After the alarms are fired, actions can be taken to resolve the necessary maintenance tasks.

Video IVMS

Take a closer look at what exactly happens in the field, and keep your business safe and more secure.

  • Safee meets modern business needs and the increasing interest in drivers’ safety and operations’ security. Safee system provides the fleet managers and business owners with advanced video monitoring capabilities, both inside and outside fleet’s vehicles and assets.

    Monitoring passengers’ and drivers’ behaviors, in addition to the essential external video recording outside the vehicles, will definitely help to evaluate the reasons and circumstances prior to accidents for fast and unbiased investigations.

    Integration with Streamax
    Based on evaluating existing solutions for V-IVMS, Streamax has proven to be among the best-fit solutions for our customer’s needs. We have accomplished a strong and successful integration with Streamx to include this important feature in Safee fleet management platform.

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